The all too familiar story

She was only 12. She was vulnerable to being victimized. She did not have a protector to “protect-her”. So, she became a victim of consumers who “consumed-her”. She was consumed for purposes of sexual exploitation by paying customers (john’s) who had plenty of sellers (pimp’s) offering product (innocent victims).

She learned, in the most horrific manner possible, that this is not just a problem for those “exotic countries over there” like India or Thailand. She fell for an older “boyfriend” who made her feel like she had always wanted to feel: beautiful, appreciated, needed, valued, and loved. She met him at the mall.

Everything changed when the “boyfriend” revealed his true intentions. She was told to “prove” her love by helping him out of a tough situation. She was forced to be raped for profit. Her “first time” – she was only 12. Her “boyfriend” videotaped her and promised to put it on the web if she told anyone or refused the next “client” he brought to her.

She was beaten, abused, terrorized, coerced, deceived, and threatened. If she refused to be raped for profit 15-25 times per day, she paid a very heavy price. She began to die a slow death inside. The drugs and alcohol her “boyfriend” gave her were the only coping mechanism she had. Does this all too “typical” story of an innocent victim make you angry and put a desire within you to do something?

We think that once people are aware of this issue they will want to do something that will make a difference globally and locally.

This is why The Stop Trafficking Project offers ONLY12 – The Action Steps!

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